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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • WQ brand factory direct sales.
  • Support CAN bus to facilitate customers to build fieldbus network
  • Front panel IP65 , designed by industrial standard
  • Multi- industrial communication interface RS-232, RS-485 .
  • High stability,7x24 hours no shutdown no outage.

Product Details

Product model  WLT-150R-AM20

Basic   parameters   

CPU: Cortex -A8 architecture,frequency 1.0GHZ

Memory: 512MB DDR3

Flash:256MB NandFlash

Display   screen

Size:15 inch


Wide-temperature type,16000k colors or 24 true colors

LED backlight:lifetime > 25000 hour

Touch   screen

5-wire resistance touch screen(driver inside)

Hardware   interface

2 channel DB9 interface(COM1,COM2)

1 channel 3-wire RS-232 serial port(COM3)

2 channel RS-485 interface(COM1、COM2 ), multiplex as COM1、COM2 of RS-232.(Signal isolated as optional)

1 channel CAN bus.(optional)

1 channel USB Device interface,support ActiveSync connect to PC to   exchange data and debug application.

2 channel USB Host interface,support usual USB device such as mouse,   keyboard, U disk ,etc.

1 channel 100M Ethernet interface.

1 channel SD/MMC slot.

1 channel external Speaker   interface.

1 channel external antenna.

2 channel DC12V~24V,industrial power solution,higher reliability.

Built-in WIFI, Bluetooth    (optional )

OS    Windows CE 6.0

Defend   degree

IP65 (front panel)

Working   Environment

power:12V-24V DC/3A

working Temperature:-10~60℃  

storage temperature:  -20~80℃

working humidity:10~90%RH


shell structure:metal

panel size:378.5x302.5(mm)

trepanning size:360x284 (mm)

Application   area

 industrial control,detection device,instruments and meters,security monitoring,medical apparatus and instruments, intelligent   terminals embedded high-end application.

Support CAN bus network deployment.

Software   support

Flash power-down   protection function.

IDE: Visual Studio 2005/ 2.0 Compact)、Labview development.

Easy change the user-defined splash   screen.

Support display screen rotation (degree:   0/90/180/270)

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