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4.3inch Industrial Touch Screen Smart Industrial Panel PC

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • High stability, 7x24 hours without downtime, using fanless CPU processor with low power consumption and high stability
  • High reliability, no handling errors are allowed, and strict tests are passed
  • With self-recovery function, to deal with unexpected situations, such as uninterrupted disconnection and shutdown for a long time
  • Communication interface suitable for industrial use, easy to expand
  • Simple and easy secondary development, multi-platform, multi-language support, providing routines.

Product Details

1. Parameters

Product model


Basic parameters

● CPU: Cortex® -A8 architecture ; Frequency 1.0GHZ

● Memory: 512MB DDR3

● Flash  256MB NandFlash

Display screen

● Size  4.3 inch

● Resolution  480×272

● Wide-temperature type  64K colors or 260K colors

● LED backlight  lifetime > 25000 hours

Touch screen

4-wire resistance touch screen   driver inside

Hardware interface

● 1 channel RS-232-DB9 interface  COM1 .

● 1 channel 3-wire RS-232 serial port  COM3 

● 2 channel RS-485 interface  COM2  COM4   COM2 is a multiplexing of CAN.

● 1 channe● CAN bus.   driver inside    optional.

● 1 channel USB Device interface.

● 2 channel USB Host interface  support usual USB device such as mouse, keyboard, U disk ,etc.

● 1 channel 100M Ethernet interface.

● 1 channel SD/MMC slot, support TF card.

● 1 channel outer WIFI module .  optional 

● 1 channel DC12V~24V Power Input interface .


When the serial port is connected, The GND wire of the two devices must be connected to avoid burning the serial chip and affecting communication.



Defend degree

IP65 (front panel)

Working Environment

● power    DC 12V-24V  (6W)

● working Temperature  -10~60℃   

● storage temperature   -20~85℃

● working humidity    from10 to 90%RH


● shell structure: plastic

● panel size   139.6×86.6  mm

● trepanning size  131.2×79.2  mm

Application area

● industrial control  detection device  instruments and meters  security monitoring  medical apparatus and instruments, intelligent terminals embedded high-end application.

● Support CAN bus network deployment.

Software support

● Flash power-down protection function.

● Support Eclipse, QT Creator, Arm linux gcc/g++ compiler, shell programming, STL library, Python2.7 development, support JAVA/C/C++/C# ,etc .

● Easy change the user-defined splash screen.

● Support display screen rotation (degree: 0/90/180/270)

2. Interface definition



1. COM2-485A   CANH                                 2. COM2-485B   CANL 

3. GND                                                          4. COM3-TX of RS-232

5. COM3-RX of RS-232                                 6. GND

7. COM4-485A                                              8. COM4-485B

2.1 RS-232 interface

2 channel serial port, support the highest-level baudrate 115200bps. The corresponding interface in Linux system is COM1 , COM3.

2.2 RS-485 interface

The corresponding port in Linux system is COM2  COM4   And COM2 is a multiplexing of CAN interface.

2.3 CAN Bus interface

The function of Can-bus interface is optiona● . Also, without terminal resistance inside ,pls specify once in need.

2.4 Power interface


3. Exterior size

Exterior size   139.6×86.6×29.3  mm       Trepanning size  131.2×79.2  mm 


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