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How to choose an industrial tablet pc

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With the trend of mechanical automation becoming more and more obvious, the birth of industrial tablet computers has brought huge changes to some enterprises and factories. It has a good pressure resistance, easy installation, simple operation and beautiful appearance, and quickly occupied a certain market. However, what aspects do we have to look at when purchasing an industrial tablet?
1. Brightness: Normal brightness, brightness in indoor environment can be read in the sunlight of 250~300cd/m2. If it is used outdoors, the brightness requirement is usually very high, usually 500~1000cd/m2;
2. Color, in some industrial applications, when color expression information is more important than text and numbers, it is very important to measure the color as a percentage of the NTSC color saturation of the control. The degree is mainly dependent on the backlight. CCF is currently a very mainstream application technology, usually achieving 70%-80% of color saturation. If it is close to full color saturation, then the backlight is usually implemented by LED technology;
3. Contrast, because the user may not be watching under ideal distance and optimal lighting conditions, the LCD panel with higher contrast is the best choice, usually 450:1 or better for industrial applications;
4. Electrical performance viewing angle, usually more than one person can watch at the same time. Considering this situation, the liquid crystal panel of the industrial tablet computer is required to have a larger viewing angle than the ordinary liquid crystal panel, and the industrial view requires the maximum viewing angle (H). ) 150/(V) 145 or more;
5. Response time, the response time of consumer computers is currently less than 30ms, users in industrial applications can feel the movement in the dynamic environment, usually the response time is less than 10ms;
6. Durability. Backlight life, in industrial applications due to environmental impact and continuous use, the life of CCF (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) is generally 40,000 hours. Availability, ensuring minimal simplification of faults and repairs, and maximum usage;
Through these standards, there is a certain understanding of industrial tablet computers. This also makes it easier for you to make better judgments on your choices.

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