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Ten reasons to buy Industrial tablet

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Ten reasons to buy Industrial tablet
The manufacturer of the embedded fanless industrial computer said that before you are going to buy a tablet with a credit card, let's discuss why you want to buy it and the top ten reasons for buying an industrial tablet:
1. Tablet computers bring great e-reading experience. Although many people will complain that e-reading can not only be regarded as an e-ink device, its content may be illegal. But these shortcomings do not prevent users from opening PDF documents, magazines, long web articles and so on, and those full-color children's books are also very wonderful, which is beyond doubt.
2. The tablet can be used as a base station for portable products. It is not displayed on a large screen like a calendar or an email window. Although many people now have PIM applications on their mobile phones, tablet computers can provide real estate information, which makes people get a better user experience.
3. A tablet is better than an old laptop. If you don't have to type a lot of words, the tablet will process more information than a laptop that has been used for two years, with a lot of new Hu apps on it.
4. Tablet is very suitable for meeting. You can notice that it's a good way to take notes quietly with tablet. When the meeting becomes boring, you can play angry birds in silent mode.
5. Tablet computers are easy to share photos and point-to-point demonstrations. Tablet computers are very suitable for sharing photos in the community, and provide help for insurance adjusters, real estate practitioners, and sales personnel. With this cool device in front of you, it's comparable to a small laptop.
6. It's very convenient for children to watch computers and listen to music on tablets. There's nothing better for children to watch cars or Dora on tablets. Our kids love it, and tablets are relatively
Installation in the DVD LCD that will be eliminated soon, the cost is not too much. I also like to watch movies on the plane on a tablet computer. I used to play them on an iPod.
7. Tablets are cheaper than new laptops. Your old laptop is hung up. You want to buy a new netbook. Don't bother. Tablets, as we said earlier, are more cost-effective and powerful than $500 laptops.
8. Tablets don't crash. It's not a big deal for a tablet to crash. It can quickly restart and restore to the previous state.
9. It's very convenient to carry a tablet on the road. The tablet is usually equipped with Wi Fi and 3G Internet access functions, and has a large screen and storage space to view maps, guides and dictionaries.
10. Tablets are cool. They make you feel like you're from the future.

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