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What is industrial panel PC and industrial panel PC use?

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The use of industrial panel PC (industrial computers): It is mainly used for industrial control, testing and other aspects. A typical application for an industrial panel PC (industrial computer) is to obtain external data through a standard serial port (RS232/485 serial port), through the calculation of the internal microprocessor of the computer, and finally through the display or through the serial port. So, on the industrial panel PC(industrial computer), we have realized a process of calculation. Obviously, this is completely different from the entertainment, office, and programming applications of ordinary computers.
Industrial panel PC(industrial computers) have different components. Industrial computers work differently, and inevitably lead to different components and general-purpose computers.
The software system of an industrial panel PC(industrial computer) is different from a normal computer. Industrial computer software systems are relatively single, mainly to achieve a specific function, and because industrial computers usually use processors that are not very fast, the programming requirements are relatively high. Industrial computers typically use a simulation environment to develop programs and use offline operations. Ordinary computers have a large number of general-purpose applications, the speed of the processor is very fast, and the software development system is completely on the machine, without the support of other environments.
What is the purpose of industrial tablets?
As the performance of commercial machines has become better and better, many industrial sites have begun to adopt lower-cost commercial machines, and the market for commercial machines has undergone tremendous changes. People are beginning to prefer more user-friendly touch tablets. Therefore, the industrial site, tablet PC with touch function will be the future trend, industrial panel PC(industrial computer) is also a kind of industrial computer, compared with the ordinary industrial computer, its advantages have the following points.
1. The front panel of industrial tablet (industrial computer) is mostly die-casted with aluminum-magnesium alloy, and the front panel reaches NEMA IP65 protection level. Rugged, durable and lightweight.
2, industrial panel PC(industrial computer) computer is small, easy to install and maintain.
3, beautiful appearance, wide range of applications.
4, according to the CPU architecture is divided into X86 architecture (not much different from the ordinary PC, XP system-based) and ARM architecture (based on Microsoft's embedded system WinCE, Android, Linux system).
5, industrial panel PC(industrial computer) is the structure of the all-in-one machine, the host computer, liquid crystal display, touch screen integrated into one, the stability is better.
6, using the more popular touch function, can simplify the work, more convenient and faster, more humane.
7. Most industrial panel PC(industrial computers) use a fanless design, which uses large finned aluminum blocks for heat dissipation, which consumes less power and has less noise.
The system of industrial panel PC(industrial computer) is roughly the same as that of traditional computer, but it is used for industrial control. It requires special design in many details and conditions. For example, most industrial tablet computers use aluminum alloy plate processing. Made, the protection requirements are higher.

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