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The difference between industrial panel pc and industrial computer

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For those who are new to the industrial control field, it may not be clear the difference between industrial panel pc and industrial computer, and often the two types of equipment will be confused. In fact, these two types of machines have different applications and functions.
Industrial tablet computers are also known as industrial computers, industrial touch tablets, industrial ones, and the like. Because it is known for its performance stability, it is mainly used in some industrial production production sites. Some customers are not sure what are the common areas of industrial panel pcs? The following small series will give you an explanation of the application of industrial panel pc PCs. Industrial tablet computer, we define it from the word chewing. First of all, we understand it as "a computer with a host computer and a display screen" on the "computer", and secondly understand it as a "table computer with a computer and a display" on the "flat". "Industrial tablet for computer and display."
The industrial computer can be called an industrial control host or an industrial computer. In simple terms, the industrial computer is a chassis host. It usually consists of a passive backplane, an industrial CPU card, an expansion card, and a power supply. If necessary, it will also add expansion devices such as optical drives and floppy drives. However, there are drawbacks such as large size and high energy consumption. Due to the diversification of demand, the industrial computer has been replaced by various industrial panel pc computers and PLCs.
In general, the industrial panel pc computer is also a kind of industrial computer. It can be said that the industrial panel pc computer is composed of the industrial computer, but only a display and a touch screen are added on the display. Therefore, industrial panel pc PCs also have the basic features of industrial computers. Compared with ordinary industrial computer, it also has the following advantages:
1.The industrial panel pc PC is small in size and integrated design, which is convenient for installation and maintenance;
2.The front panel of the industrial panel pc is made of industrial grade material, and the front panel reaches the NEMA IP65 protection level. Strong and durable, long lasting and light weight. Beautiful appearance, can be embedded in different application machines;
3.for a variety of architectures, support for Windows / Linux / Android and other operating systems;
4.Industrial tablet computers support a variety of installation methods such as rail type, wall mount type and wall mount type;
5.The industrial panel pc computer adopts a fanless active heat dissipation design, which has low mute power consumption and low noise;
6.industrial panel pc computer with high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, under normal circumstances can support -20 to 60 degrees Celsius normal start-up operation, adapt to dust and vibration, anti-vibration environment, the corresponding level of industrial computer, industrial panel pc can be applied to the corresponding Application scenario
7.with a reliable input power adapter, can be added with over voltage and current protection.

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