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Types and application areas of industrial panel PCs

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Industrial panel PCs represent the next generation of industrial business computers. From the concept product of the industrial panel PCs proposed by Microsoft, the industrial tablet is a full-featured PC. Compared with ordinary computers, it not only has all the functions, but also supports the functions of various industrial applications. Industrial tablets can run Windows, Android, and Linux operating systems and can run applications under the system.
Types and application areas of industrial tablet PCs
Industrial panel PCs are mainly divided into three types:
1, multi-functional industrial tablet. A versatile tablet with rich multimedia devices and a variety of interfaces for a variety of environmental applications.
2,Fanless industrial panel PC. Fanless tablets use an integrated low-power, fanless CPU. There is no fan to avoid noise caused by the fan and to prevent dust from entering the chassis due to the use of a fan.
3,ultra-thin ancient tablet computer. The ultra-thin tablet integrates all the features of a regular computer in an ultra-thin chassis. At the same time, it has a friendly human-machine interface, which is especially suitable for applications with limited space. It can provide state-of-the-art information terminal or computer platform solutions, including POI, multimedia and medical applications. At the same time, due to the compact and ultra-thin design concept, users can choose flexible installation methods, compatible with panel type, wall-mounted, VESA standard quasi-support arm.
Industrial tablet PCs are mainly used for process control or data acquisition, and the main application areas of industrial tablet PCs are:
1.Industrial production automation: The technology of industrial automation is the industrial tablet computer system. This requires the enterprises that supply industrial tablet computers to develop some software systems suitable for enterprises in advance, and operators use these software settings to realize computer-controlled production equipment. At present, industrial tablet PCs already have a relatively powerful functional system, gradually replacing human control and becoming the main force of industrial automation.
2.industrial vision: people's requirements for all aspects of production are becoming more and more strict, whether it is the detection of production equipment or the quality control of the product, it is increasingly difficult for the human eye to achieve these high-precision requirements, so the industry In computer applications, connecting high-precision electronic cameras, many problems can be solved. At present, many industries have tried to apply industrial tablet computers with good cost performance to the industrial vision field, which has greatly saved manpower and improved work efficiency.
3.industrial printing equipment: At present, China's printing technology has completely escaped the era of flat printing, and into the multi-dimensional printing period, the field and scope of printing are constantly extended, whether it is small decorations or large building materials can be completed. The industrial tablet computer is applied to industrial printing, and the fully automated setting process controls the printing step process to ensure the quality and precision of printing.
Used in telecommunications, power, multimedia, defense, automation equipment, manufacturing and other fields, leading digital for human-machine interface, thin client, PLC and POS communication and control terminals.
And media (advertising) players or inquiring terminals in public places, such as banks, shopping centers, hotels, train stations, buses, subway stations and parks. And high-end community as a family service terminal, to achieve intercom, message, cost inquiry, merchandise order, appliance management, temperature and humidity control.

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