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What are the applications of embedded industrial tablets?

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The industrial tablet is a compact computer designed for industrial sites. It is an enhanced industrial computer that can operate reliably as an industrial controller in an industrial environment. Common embedded industrial tablet computers include box industrial computer, fanless industrial tablet computer and so on. The embedded industrial tablet computer has reliable performance, fanless structure, small size and low price, and is increasingly popular in industrial computer applications. Specifically, the application of embedded industrial tablet computers includes the following aspects.

First, the application of government regulatory industry:

The relevant departments of the government use embedded industrial tablet computers, through rfid, sensors, video screen monitoring, wireless transmission and other technologies, real-time monitoring of real-time monitoring of flow of fireworks and firecrackers, over-warning of warehouses, real-time monitoring and warning of warehouse temperature and humidity, video screen monitoring Alarms and other functions to reduce the incidence of safety production accidents. Therefore, industrial tablet PCs are an indispensable device for government departments.

Second, the application of environmental supervision industry:

The application cases of industrial tablet PCs in the environmental protection industry are gradually climbing, mainly due to the state's construction of automatic real-time monitoring system for pollution sources. The industrial flat panel manufacturer introduced that the work needs to automatically transfer tens of thousands of signals to the main station, which requires a large amount of signals to be collected, and industrial tablet PCs, especially embedded industrial tablets, can play a very good demonstration effect.

Third, the application of the logistics industry:

The quality guarantees that the industrial flat panel manufacturers introduce the modernization degree of the logistics system may exceed the imagination of many people. The application of the industrial tablet computer really meets the needs of the logistics system. And a complete and modern logistics system can almost replace people's work, including scanning, testing, analysis, processing, automatic packaging, classification and many other aspects. Industrial tablet PCs are widely used, and there are many successful cases.

The above are several aspects of the application of embedded industrial tablet PCs. In addition, there are still many application fields. For example, the power industry uses mobile Internet and other technologies to realize mobile intelligent inspection in transmission, power transformation and power distribution. Patrol function to achieve lean, closed-loop management. There are also different levels of applications in the pharmaceutical management industry, the petroleum and petrochemical industry, and the smart home industry.

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