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Application of Weiqian Industrial Tablet PC in MES System

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China is slowly advancing toward the footsteps of industrial powers, and manufacturing companies are constantly emerging. These manufacturing companies are the primary purpose of these enterprises in order to meet the needs of the industry's rapid development. In order to make the company develop better and faster, the MES production line came into being. Combined with the supporting use of industrial tablet computers, the efficiency of the entire production line has been improved. Its appearance has created a solid, reliable and comprehensive for the majority of enterprises. A viable manufacturing collaborative management platform.

MES is so important, what is MES? The MES-Order Manufacturing Execution System was proposed by the American AMR company in the early 1990s to strengthen the execution function of the MRP plan, and to link the MRP plan with the shop floor control and through the execution system. The on-site control here includes PLC program controller, data collector, barcode, various metering and testing instruments, and robots. The MES has set up the necessary interfaces to establish a cooperative relationship with the manufacturers that provide the production site control facilities. The industrial production of many manufacturing companies in China used to rely too much on manpower for production. However, this will lead to incomplete and reliable information collection. The phenomenon of low sexuality occurs, and it is an urgent task for enterprises to make better use of MES. MES can be divided into two categories: One is a dedicated MES. It is mainly developed for a specific domain problem, such as workshop maintenance, production monitoring, limited capacity scheduling or SCADA; one is integrated MES. Originally designed for a specific, standardized environment, the system has now expanded into many areas, such as aerospace, assembly, semiconductor, food and sanitation industries, where it has been functionally implemented with upper-level transactions and lower layers. Real-time control system integration.

Application case: Most of the manufacturing companies use more dedicated MES. This type of MES uses industrial Ethernet, Profibus fieldbus, industrial tablet, LED display, radio frequency identification, bar code recognition and other technologies. It realizes data collection and control of various processing equipments, and publishes information through LED display screens to realize the functions of quality control, material pulling, information release and operation guidance of the assembly process. The most important thing for this type of MES is the industrial tablet. It is the most important part of the integrated system in the whole system. Therefore, the requirements for industrial tablet computers are relatively high, so that the enterprise can meet the requirements. effect. According to the characteristics of MES itself, it puts forward several requirements for industrial tablet:

1. Industrial tablet PC has a network port, multiple USB ports, and multiple com interfaces. This is to meet the access of different devices and the tablet will not be stuck. 2. Have a watchdog to achieve precise control of time. 3. To achieve electronic signage management. 4. The data collection should be accurate, and automatic acquisition and automatic release can be realized. 5. Industrial tablet computers should be able to transmit wireless data. 6. Can be embedded or bracket mounted.

The above is the MES requirements for the performance and function of industrial tablet PCs. For this reason, Guangzhou Weiqian Inlay has designed a series of high-performance industrial tablet WAR series products (the main size is 7/10/15), which is mainly According to the customer's needs for the size of the customization, in other aspects of the configuration is not much different.

Summary: As a professional industrial tablet design and manufacturing manufacturer, Guangzhou Weiqian has the ability to help customers solve related MES problems and maximize the benefits for customers. Achieve cooperation and win-win situation.

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