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Guangzhou Weiqian Industrial Computer Helps China Smart Building 2025

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In 2003, three young people buried themselves in a small office in Guangzhou New Saige Electronics City to study the embedded technology of single-chip computer. They were enthusiastic about technology and were completely immersed in the joy of technology research and development.

Time has come to 2005. With the development and rapid development of China's economy, MCU can not fully meet the needs of industrial development. Zhang Quanfeng, a graduate of Shantou University majoring in electronic and information engineering, faced with the urgent need of intelligent serial screen in the market, pointed to the direction of research and development of intelligent serial screen. In the same year, he established Guangzhou Micro-embedded Computer Technology Co., Ltd. He said that the company was named "Weiqian", with the original intention of making a public like Microsoft one day in the field of embedded system subdivision. Division, which influences the process of the world of science and technology, has become the backbone of China's national brands.

Zhang Quanfeng said that like many young people, he has a dream of starting a business. After years of accumulation and precipitation in the industry, he found that Chinese enterprises are using imported products, while products of such brands as Germany Controlled, Siemens and Schneider are very expensive, which makes many small and medium-sized enterprises in China stand back.

At that time, Zhang Quanfeng had a keen insight that many application scenarios would be applied to this reduced instruction set computer in the future, and this kind of computing and its ecosystem had been gradually established. This embedded technology will become the trend of the intelligent age. With the development of industrial automation and Internet of Things, this embedded industrial computer needs strong stability and less power consumption. It is this vision that makes Zhang Quanfeng see the huge market of embedded technology, which also points out the direction of his entrepreneurship.

With the persistence and pursuit of technology, Guangzhou Weiqian officially launched the intelligent color serial screen at the end of 2005, becoming the first domestic enterprise to launch this product at that time. As soon as the products are put on the market, they are very popular and praised. The functions they can achieve are comparable to those of the top famous brand products outside the United States, but the price is less than half. Especially in the application of medical equipment, the introduction of intelligent color serial screen has greatly promoted the rapid development of domestic medical equipment industry.

In 2007, with the widespread application of ARM architecture with lower power consumption in embedded system design, Zhang Quanfeng led the technical team to turn the research and development direction to the industrial tablet computer with ARM architecture. Through strategic cooperation with Microsoft in China, we have expanded the production scale, developed a series of industrial computer products based on Linux and WinCE, and consolidated our leading position in the WinCE market.

At that time, the price of industrial tablet computer based on X86 was too expensive for the initial stage of China's smart manufacturing. To some extent, it hindered the development of China's smart manufacturing SMEs. The introduction of micro-embedded ARM tablet computer brought cheaper and more suitable solutions to China's smart manufacturing SMEs, and promoted another rapid development of the industry.

With the publication and implementation of Made in China 2025, Guangzhou Weiqian took the lead in introducing Andriod industrial flat panel panel in 2015 in China in accordance with the national mission of "Made in China more authoritative", responding to the call of the state, making innovations and grasping the pulse of the times in all kinds of difficulties. Through continuous optimization for more than three years, Guangzhou Weiqian has gained the leading position in the industry. Embedded, is providing all walks of life throughout the country WinCE, Andriod and Linux underlying operating system as a platform to achieve human-machine operation control, automatic data acquisition and process monitoring industrial automation industry solutions.

As one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the development of embedded tablet computers in China, Guangzhou Weiqian has become a well-known industrial Internet of Things intelligent terminal solution provider, and is committed to becoming an international industrial 4.0 automation industry solution provider. The company established the Ministry of Foreign Trade in 2019, Guangzhou Weiqian formally went to the world. In the future, Weiqian will continue to take Guangzhou as the research and development center, based on high-tech and global perspective, and vigorously explore foreign markets. At the same time, adhere to strict product import process standards, higher than the industry's product testing standards, a sound after-sales service mechanism to provide customers with more high-quality, convenient products and services in an all-round way, so that the "Weiqian" brand has become a business card in the field of embedded computer technology in the world.

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