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The advantages of Weiqian industrial panel pc

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Founded in 2005, Guangzhou Weiqian is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and system integration. Below it is the latest development of industrial tablet PCs to reveal its advantages and application knowledge. Let's take a look at it.
Weiqian industrial tablet computer is a touch screen integrated machine commonly used in industrial computers. The performance of the whole machine is perfect, and it has the performance of common commercial computers in the market. The difference lies in the internal hardware. Most industrial products are industrial motherboards. The difference between them and commercial motherboards is that they are not mass-produced, and the product models are relatively stable. It can also be seen that the price of the industrial motherboard is also higher than the price of the commercial motherboard, and the other is the RISC architecture. The industrial requirements are relatively simple and single, and the performance requirements are not high, but the stability is particularly good.
As the performance of commercial machines has become better and better, many industrial sites have begun to adopt lower-cost commercial machines, and the market for commercial machines has undergone tremendous changes. People are beginning to prefer more user-friendly touch tablets. Therefore, the industrial site, tablet PC with touch function will be the future trend, industrial touch tablet computer is also a kind of industrial computer, compared with the ordinary industrial computer, its advantages have the following points.
1. The front panel of Weiqian industrial touch tablet is mostly made of aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting or industrial plastic, and the front panel reaches NEMA IP65 protection level. Rugged, durable and lightweight.
2. The Weiqian industrial touch tablet is small in size and easy to install and maintain.
3, beautiful appearance, wide range of applications.
4, according to the CPU architecture is divided into X86 architecture (not much difference with ordinary PC, XP system) and ARM architecture (based on embedded system WinCE, but now more and more widely used Android, Linux system) .
5. Weiqian industrial touch tablet computer is the structure of one machine. The main unit, liquid crystal display and touch screen are integrated into one body, and the stability is better.
6, using the more popular touch function, can simplify the work, more convenient and faster, more humane.
7. Most industrial touch tablet PCs use a fanless design, which uses a large area of ??finned aluminum block for heat dissipation, which consumes less power and has less noise.

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